Businesses are globalizing rapidly. Management practices are finding universal acceptability and the working environment is integrated to a market environment. Changing political and economic systems, access to new markets, advanced logistics, physical distribution systems and information & the telecommunication evolution have set the pace for globalization of Indian economy.

The young career aspirants of today who wish to achieve their objectives of becoming successful global players, need to welcome, visualize, understand and meet these challenges thrown by the new world, rather than escaping from them.

This has naturally necessitated a change in the approach of our education system and methodologies. The recent years have witnessed a tremendous proliferation and growth of alternative systems of education. To bring about a change in education at higher levels, SUN offers industry integrated graduation and post graduation programs in two major cities of the country i.e. Hyderabad and Visakhapatnam.

Industry integrated programs allow our young aspirants to experience real industrial environment, while pursuing their degree course. This innovative education system helps our young aspirants to build the required skills, in-depth understanding of contemporary market dynamics, ability of collecting information, financial places of volatility in markets and strengthening the core areas of operations.

This industry integrated methodology not only offers quality education in Business Administration and Hospitality Management but also gives a unique opportunity to the students to work and learn in the industry and gain invaluable experience during their academics.

Code of Ethics

  • A professional Management College is expected to act in accordance with a basic code of ethics:
  • Clearly identify the needs and expectations of students, parents and industry and aim to fulfill or exceed them.
  • Notify the students, parents if there is a mismatch between the needs and expectations and the means to achieve them. Keep abreast of their subject and contribute to its development. Help others to reach professional fulfillment as well as promote wider public understanding of value management and the success it can achieve for the students.


  • To enable students to develop specific professional competencies appropriate to their specific career.
  • To establish a theoretical and practical framework for analyzing hospitality, tourism and the entertainment industry systems which relate to existing organizational structures, decision-making processes, quantitative skills and implementation procedures.
  • To provide first hand exposure to practical considerations involved in performing managerial tasks through course assignments relating to industrial needs and to the students career objectives.
  • To provide courses, workshops and international experiences that will maximize curriculum quality

Highlights – SUN can help you meet your goals if:

You want to move up the career ladder.
Your accomplishments, capabilities and pro fessionalism are important to you.
You want your qualifications to be recognized by customers and specialists.
You want to be recognized by your peers for being the best.
You want to enhance the stature of your profession.
You want a credential that is portable.
To fill the gap between Industry and education.
To get an opportunity to learn the subject and at the same time implementing it in the industry.
In house training during the academic programme for personality development.
Industrial training to get hands on work exposure
Focus on communication, presentation, personality and other relevant skills.
Continuous evaluation system on SWOT analysis and internal assessment.
Successful candidates will have industry experience during the programme.
Better career opportunities.