Why SUN?

If you are serious about your professional life and want others to know your qualifications, and if you are interested to work in one of the many service related areas, and then consider that you should educate yourself at SUN.

College will provide the content outlines, text books, sophisticated training resources, in house activities and references that can be useful in setting and pursuing career goals. The activities within the campus will bring an individual to a level of capability that meets the standards of the industry. These activities will lights a spark that mould your professionalism sought after by the employers, customers and peers.

SUN can help you meet your goals if:

You want to move up the career ladder.
Your accomplishments, capabilities and professionalism are important to you.
You want your qualifications to be recognized by customers and specialists.
You want to be recognized by your peers for being the best.
You want to enhance the stature of your profession.
You want a credential that is portable.

Why associate with SUN?

Industry Requirements

• Professionals with relevant work experience and proven organizational achievements are welcome.
• Professionals with ability to welcome change, creativity, self-motivation, logical analysis, personal effectiveness are appreciated in an organizational environment.
• Effective communication skills are a must coupled with an ability to present and analyze problems and simultaneously suggest solutions.
• Excellent interactive skills with a clear understanding of the principles and functions of an organization.
• Multi-tasking and multi-skilled professionals.
• Spirited team players.

SUN being a pioneer in management education through Industry Integrated mode has been continuously contributing to the growth of the India Inc. over the last 10 years of its presence and is fulfilling the gap between the Industry requirement and human resource available. Our students who are pursuing management degree from reputed state university are undergoing on-the-job-training in the industry for 1.5 years in case of post graduate management degree course and 1.5 years in case of under graduate management degree course. Some of the benefits of hiring management trainees from NIAM by the Industry are:

 Dedicated human resource available for longer duration.
 Students are ambitious achievers and potential performers
 They can be developed as professionals for senior management as they work for longer duration in an organization.
 During the OJT they cultivate performance oriented skill sets.
 They learn cutting edge ‘leadership thinking’ from industry experts during the training.
 They test new ideas and apply classroom learning in industrial settings.
 Gather information and stay updated about the practices and strategies of other industries and companies.

The benefits and opportunities that have been recognized by these organizations in providing a training opportunity to our students are:

• To develop a fresh, energetic, enthusiastic, and innovative team
• To recognize, develop and retain talented individuals
• To establish a solid foundation to complement the entrepreneurial spirit
• To develop a network of professionals for the future
• To develop a well-trained and knowledgeable team of future managers