Sindoori Jayarajan

//Sindoori Jayarajan

“I joined this course for two reasons. First being Ms.Vani Meka and Ms.Meera M who made me understand and realize about the course, and how it will benefit me in my career. Secondly the way the program was designed was really interesting. I enjoyed doing my internship for almost 15 months during which I learned a lot about the management principles, the work environment and was able to relate the classroom teaching with the corporate world. It gave me the confidence and sufficient amount of knowledge rather to say practical knowledge of how things work out in the corporate environment.

The most important thing is that the tutors are very much dedicated to providing students with the best educational support, and all of them are backed up with industry experience with them which provided us the insights of the work life simultaneously.

I can confidently say that I do stand ahead of all the Freshers who have done their regular MBA and I am thankful to all those teaching, administration staff of SITAM for making my two years over there a memorable and heart cherishing experience.”

Sindoori Jayarajan
HR Associate
ProSoft CyberWorld Group Inc.
(MBA Batch 2008-2010)

Sindoori Jayarajan

MBA Batch 2008-2010