Raj Mandapati

//Raj Mandapati

Warm greetings to all my Friends and viewers, my self I am MN.RAJ I am a B.Tech Graduate and currently pursuing my MBA finalsemester from SITAM.
My slogan: “Nothing is possible without hard work”. I strongly believe in my hard work.
SITAM is the 1st institute that is providing IIP in Andhra Pradesh. I really wanted to take IIP through SITAM. This is mypersonal experience that I experienced before joining SITAM. I have taken my admission from a college which is providing thesame IIP in other state. But one day I got a call, and I just went to SITAM for my time being. But the way SITAM’s staff hasexplained me, it was outstanding. And I thought SITAM would make my dreams and goals to come true. So, as soon as I came outof SITAM, I have cancelled my admission in that college and I have joined SITAM. After joining SITAM, it helped me a lot to improve my skills in all the areas. Whenever my lecturers/ professors are takingclasses, then I used to get a clear picture in front of my eyes. So in that way only I improved my skills and I used them inmy work time during the Internship period.Through SITAM I worked with MNC’s like Volkswagen, Reliance Entertainment, ISB (into research & Development for theiralumni).

And currently I got an offer as a SALES MANAGER for SIEMENS. So my dreams are becoming true with the help of SITAM.

I just don’t want to say thanks to my college SITAM. Because that word is a very tiny particle. But I strongly recommend allthe graduates to be with SITAM’s family. And show your talent as an upcoming MANAGERS with the help of SITAM. ALL the VERY

BEST TO SITAM and I my hearty welcome to all the new joiners.

“SITAM family Welcomes you.”

Thanks & Regards,
Raj Mandapati

Raj Mandapati