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Knowledge is an ocean and imparting knowledge is a boon of God. Students life should never be just a bag of books and notes. In every human there is so much talent that needs to be explored nurtured and groomed to become a polished diamond. That’s why SUN has given all round development of the student a lot of importance. Students are given opportunities’ by providing multitude platforms for them.

When there is so much expectations from the Management and so much for a Student to look forward to. Who can steer the anchor and see the boats are always sailing to better fortunes and growth. The Event Co-ordinate plays a pivotal role in bringing out the best of best skills of students. Council members are appointed by the Staff to head each team of SUN. As growth never believes in “I” it always believes in “WE”.


This is the most important group of the College all Events are co-ordinate by this team. They not only are responsible for the Events both Indoor and Outdoor they also have to be on the alert to keep the College banner flying high by updating on Facebook keeping the spirit of SUN alive in old and new students. Co-ordination with other Colleges and encouraging Inter Colleges Competitions as exposure to the outside World too is very important. . They have a Technical support system, Advertising Wing, DJ all form a part of the Events team.


Sports is encouraged in a big way as Students love to be in a playground than in a classroom at any given time. Understanding the Student Psychology Students have preliminary round in their respective cities and then the best compete in Vishakapatnam as annually the Annual day is hosted by them. The Sports team takes care of all indoor and outdoor activities. “All Play And No Play Makes Jack A Dull Boy”.


These two teams are supposed to keep the energy flow of students in music, dance, drama , poetry, presentations, elocutions, debates….etc always active as this a very important part of grooming and personality development. These groups organize in house dance Competitions, Cultural events during any festive occasions and important days of SUN. The English Council has to be on the move round the clock as Communication Skills is a very important part of College culture. To Motivate this idea the Friday Seminars are conducted by this group where a platform is provided for Students to polish their language Skills and Confidence levels. As this is their main strength to make a place for themselves in the outside world.


The Quiz Society is mainly created as the Students of today are in darkness on the basic know how questions. Their knowledge on Current affairs is a gloomy affair thereupon this team conducts Quiz at regular Intervals to help students be more Corporate Savvy.


The H/R team is supposed to collect the Resumes of all Students. Screen it according to Industry Standards teach students on the necessary formats to be followed. Then pass it to the H/R Panel who will be grilling the students through mock Interview sessions to improve them on Interview techniques. They also will be given exposure to talk to other Companies and arrange for Internships and Final Placements of our students. This is a small platform wherein they will learn H/R and Recruitment Skills.


The Hotel Management team is in charge of the hospitality of the College they are also a part of other teams. But the Hospitality of the College is their sole privilege. They have to organize refreshments for all the Guest Faculty and take care of the ambience of the College and all activities related to food and beverage.


SUN College has students from different parts of India they come from different religions, cultures and back-grounds. But when they are under the College roof they are one. That’s why the favorite name for all is ‘SUN FAMILY’ here all are together in Joy or in Sorrow in pleasure or pain. So when the most important occasions of the life come its is definitely time to celebrate. So be it a Diwali, Ramzan or Christmas the whole College enters into a festive mood and they dance to Dandiya beats lighting the lamp of love and light in every Students heart. Iftar party to break fasts in the traditional Muslim way with fruits and dates; it is so symbolic and a beautiful gesture to see all students keeping the fast with their fellow Muslim friends. Christmas sees people all humming Christmas Carols and dancing with Santa. Festivals in SUN make us proud to be a INDIAN. And enjoy the true fervor of the occasion.

Friendship Day:

Friendship makes and mars a student’s life. It is a bond which many a times stay till doomsday SUN has been a witness to many beautiful friendships where students have fought for each other fought with each other hugged made up sacrificed loved lost all for friends. The College hosts a small party where Friendship day is celebrated in a joyous celebration.


The day is a memorable day in every SUN students life. A new apprehension a new excitement a new fear of the unseen and the unknown. Of strangers with whom a beautiful journey begins for important time of his growing years. And SUN both the branches spend lavishly and play hosts to their new children in grandeur and style. The seniors all join in together to have a beautiful cultural evening for the Fresher’s and on this day the “MISS. FRESHER” and “MR.SUN” are crowned. Days and years may roll by but these memories always remain in the heart.


‘Teacher of mine you gave to me thane life”. Students of the College develop their own rapport and a beautiful relationship with their teachers. This day is a celebration wherein they thank the teachers host cultural programs for them give speeches of appreciation and admiration. Teachers too are asked to share their views and thoughts .Lunch is hosted by the Students.


This is a celebration where all Hindus and Christians host the Iftar party for their Muslim friends to break the fast in the holy month of Ramzan. Many a non Muslim friends also fast and break it in the evening amidst prayers dates and fruits. Truly proving all are one.

Diwali Mela:

The Diwali Mela is a unique way of encouraging the inner talents of the Students their ‘Entrepreunial Skills’. Students put up stalls and the whole College friends and family flock to purchase little goodies. Eat varied cuisines and dance to the beats of dandiya and enjoy shaking a leg on the floor. Rangoli, diyas, traditional outfits fill the corridors and the joyous mood of Diwali rents the air.


All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. The preliminary round of Sports Day both Indoor and Outdoor Sports is conducted here. The competition is always tough as students are truly gifted and talented in many a sport. The winners then go to Visakhapatnam where the grand finale is held both Colleges compete in true sportsmanship. This is a very big event of the College wherein both the Colleges unite as one. A grand finale of Annual Day is held to close the event. Students wait for this time of the year.


SUN is the only College where a Faculty is employed only to teach students Communication Skills, Grooming, Interview techniques. To put a test to their skills the English Carnival is held, where students compete in Elocution, GD, Debate, One minute talk students participate in many numbers as it is all Industry Related topics and Judges from outside are invented to judge the event.

Annual Sports Day:

For the Hotel Management Students the Food Festival is a ‘feather in the cap’ as they all prepare varied cuisines, confectionaries, food carvings, marvelous display of their ‘Eat and Dine’ Service. People from outside too are invited and this event is organized on a very big scale as this is the first big step the College provides to the Hotel Management Students of testing their Sills and providing an insight to the Best from the Industry.


A day which is eagerly awaited when students don their graduation caps and bid adieu to the College. A teary day amidst the joy and the juniors host programs to enliven the spirits of those whose time it is to wish goodbye. These are days in SUN which the management takes a personal interest to ensure on ‘stone is left unturned’ in these celebrations. As Students are the breadth on which the SUN foundation has laid its roots. In their smiles and their tears SUN is always by their side.


This is a day the Management has decided to keep the whole Friday afternoon as a day of Presentations, Quiz, TESTING Management Skills, having workshops , interview skills complete exposure to the Corporate World and fine tuning the students to meet every challenge of life with a firm head on the shoulders.


To give a view of the outside World Guest Lectures from different walks of life are invited. They speak to the students on the Industry Standards the necessary know how of all that is important not only to clear a Interview but also to sustain in a job. The best are called as their experiences are life an ocean of knowledge for the students and practical experience I more helpful than theory. Some Company heads who have been to SUN are…..

Christmas Party:

Jesus was born this day is celebration time in SUN as for our Christian students the College has Christmas Party with the tree, stars and Santa. The play the birth of Christ is enacted amidst carol singing and dances Santa comes to usher in the message of love, peace and brotherhood. On this day New Year Celebrations also begin to bid goodbye to the old and usher in new.


Special days be it of Director, Staff or Student is celebrated with a zest all join together special cake is ordered and it is generally mandatory for all staff to be present be it whichever class student birthday it is. This keep the feeling of ‘missing family’ a bit less especially for hostel students and that they are not alone on this special day.


SUN ensures that its Faculty is always updated to the latest techniques of teaching and furnishes with knowledge of Industry and current trends. For this ‘Faculty development Program’ was hosted by SUN all reputed Institute heads and Faculty attended this meet. There lot of flow of ideas thoughts and lot of learning. SUN faculty attends such programs at regular intervals. As with changing trends in Corporate World Students have to be aware at all times and the Faculty can do this only.


Internships do not end with just working and gaining experience or earning stipend. The students have training diaries, which they are supposed to fill in daily at their work place accounting the duties nature of work and take the signature of their project heads. Once back, they are given Project titles according to their Job Profile, which they have to do research and include their job experiences with a Questionnaire. After which ‘Corporate or External Faculty’ reviews these books and the student is grilled on the given topic. This is to understand how much the student has learnt and keep the student be true to the job undertaken by him.