Mission & Vision

At SUN, our mission is to combine a strong commitment to fundamentals with a constant eye to the ever-changing requirements for employment. SUN is dedicated to offer curricular in the field of hospitality management education, business management education demanded by the market within the surrounding and nationwide. It endeavours to:

  • Focus on careers in high demands in order to provide students with an intensive education in the field of hospitality and its related fields.
  • Upgrading existing job skills for eventual career advancement
  • To assist students in career planning and development

Our Achievements

  • Stood 1st in Accor worldwide Takeoff Competition.
  • Highest number of students selected for Oberoi’s Ocer (Management Trainee Programme) in South India.
  • Only college selected for Management- trainee Programme for “The Park Group”.
  • Marked a Highest Record in placing 2000 students at International level for the well reputed properties like The Burj Khalifa, The Palm Jumeirah, The Starwood, The Accor, The Hilton, The Clarks Group etc.,
  • Students also working for International Airlines like Qatar Airways, Lufthansa, Cathay Pacific, Indigo, Jet etc.,
  • Students are also working for cruise lines like Disney, Royal Caribbean , Princess, Celebrity cruise etc.,
  • Set a bench mark record in placing Management Students in reputed MNC’s like Dell, Deloitte, TCS, IGate, WIPRO, Accenture, Goldman sach etc.,

Our Values

  • We will make learning and teaching our first priority.
  • We will respect people as individuals.
  • We will offer opportunities for all.
  • We will be excellent in all we do.
  • We will work in partnership both inside and outside the College.
  • We believe in ‘ethos into action’, ‘professional integrity’ and ‘transparency’.
  • We will ensure our learners can progress through gateways to their next destination.
  • We will underpin our work with selflessness and generosity.

People who made SUN happen…..