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  • I (Filling this Applicant) and Parent of (Applicant) commit that I would abide by the rules & regulations laid down by the college. I will ensure that my ward will follow the norms strictly in and out of the college. In case of any deviation committed by my ward, I will be responsible and accept the decision of the college.

    1) My ward will behave in a fashion that will not effect the image and reputation of the college or of the hotel, he/she works in.
    2) My ward will handle the equipment in the college and in the hotel carefully in case of any damage, the stipu lated amount will be paid.
    3) My ward will finish his/her assigned training in the hotel and at the college without break, in case of drop out, the college can take any action against him/her.
    4) Misbehaviour or exhibiting empathy during his/her education with the college or during the training will be liable for stringent action.
    5) The college may take necessary action against misbehaviour, non-cooperation and negative attitude to up keep the standards.
    6) I, as a parent, will not interact with any hotel staff or executive without permission of the college.
    7) I agree, understand and accept any changes done by the college in terms of (A) Rules & regulations (B) sylabus & curriculum (C) teaching methodologies (D) disciplinary actions (E) anything which needs to be changed to suit the industry needs, organisational needs and student community needs.
    8) I, as a parent, understand that fees once paid will not be refunded.
    9) I have read the prospectus Terms & Conditions of Fee Pay rules & regulations, understand the entire instructions and I agree to follow the same.
    10) My ward has never been arrested or prosecuted in & out of India and has no relationship with any anti-social or radical groups.
    11) I understand that placement would be given to passed (students who have cleared all subjects attaining the qualifying mark specified in the prospectus of the college) student only.
    12) I also understand that placement would be according to my ward's ability, attitude, potential, personality, academic performance, training performance and skill attained.
    13) I understand that the fee for the different courses has been specified in the fees details list. We understand that this is not term fee, monthly fee or yearly fee. The term/word "fee" means the fee payable for the entire course. This being a Professional college, it has a specified fee for a particular course which is supposed to be paid in advance before joining the course.
    14) I understand that in case of drop out/withdrawal of candidature from the college, I assure to pay the entire fee.
    15) I understand that installment payment which are stipulated to be paid by 10th of the specified month will draw no fines. Payments from 11 th to 15th would draw a fine of Rs. 25/- per day and from 16th to 30th - Rs.50 per day. Thereafter my ward will be readmitted by paying readmission fee of Rs. 1OOO/- and all fines as applicable at the discretion of the Management. During the period of absence he will not be granted leave with attendance.

    As a parent of this Applicant, I am responsible to help, guide, supervise, counsel and control my ward for better performance in all round development.

    I have permitted my ward to join your institute and shall be responsible for his/her conduct and discipline.

    I also understand that the admission into your institute is subject to the passing of the qualifying exam and the submission of the certificate along with T.C. in original.

    All disputes are to Visakhapatnam jurisdiction only
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