Chairman’s Message

/Chairman’s Message

Dear parents,

The real voyage of learning consists not in seeking
new things but in seeing with a new bent of mind. In every student a stream of talent surges

" It is the stomach where courage is said to rest
" It is the mind where dreams are manufactured

At SUN, we encourage students to dream. To dream big,
to think big. Because today's dreams are the foundation on which students can build
tomorrows goals. As the excellent words given by the Former President of

India, Dr. Abdul Kalam, "Dream is not that what you see in sleep. Dream
is the thing which does not allow you to sleep." Here the difference is
between the desire and burning desire within a professional. The Industry
Integrated Programmes have been launched in India on the principle as
stated by Dr. Abdul Kalam, "Employment and Education must be interlinked."

Goals which they are sure to achieve as they are their own dreams. Once
they start believing there is nothing to stop them from achieving what they
want. We try to give students a chance to pursue their dreams and equip
them with the necessary set skills to become successful in their destiny.

Every year we groom students and fill their heads with new ideas, fill their
hearts with a passion to succeed not only in the field of management but
also in life.

With best regards..
Srikanth Jasti - CMD