Chairman’s Message

/Chairman’s Message

Dear parents,

The Journey of a thousand miles begins with one step!

The real voyage of learning comprises a new bent of mind. In every student a stream of hidden
talent surges inherently. "Don't study to earn, study to learn. What you learn today is what you
will become tomorrow.

At SUN, we encourage students to dream big and to think big. Because today's dreams are the
foundation on which students can build tomorrow's goals. In the words of our Former President
Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam , "Dream is not that what you see in sleep. Dream is the thing which does
not allow you to sleep." Here the difference between the desire and burning desire lies within a
professional. The Industry Integrated Programmes launched in India based on the principles of
Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam, "Education and Employment must be interlinked".

"The harder you work for something the greater you will feel when you achieve it". Stay
focused, follow your dreams and keep moving towards your goal. We give students a
chance to pursue their dreams and equip them with the skills to become successful in
their destiny. We mould them with new ideas which they imbibe, filling their hearts with
a passion to succeed not only in the field of management but also in life.

Success doesn't happen overnight. Keep your eyes focused and never look back.
Nothing is Impossible !

With best regards..
Srikanth Jasti - CMD