Facilities & Infrastructure

/Facilities & Infrastructure

The College is situated in the heart of the city and is well connected to the Air Port, Railway Station and Central Bus Station. Most of the Hotels and companies are within the surroundings of 2 K.M. from major hotels of the city. This facilitates students for real time exposure cum interaction with hotel professionals as and when required. The college has excellent infrastructure, state-of-art Technology such as Computer Lab, fully equipped kitchens, Mock-Bar, Training Guest Room, Training Restaurants, Library and Seminar Hall.The ambience of this College both Vishakapatnam and Hyderabad is structurally maintained according to the norms of any Management College. Both are spread over 10,000 acres of space.

Reception Area:

Huge Glass doors welcome you and completely wooden structure is what awaits you with box shaped cubicles for the administration and Counseling wing. All the cubicles are so spacious that the privacy of each cubicle is maintained.

Class Rooms:

All the classrooms are air conditioned with latest classroom furniture with latest equipment i.e. OHP, LCD Projectors. Classrooms are Equipped with Wi-Fi Technology. The Rooms are well furnished with all the Teaching aids and methods that would enable the students to grasp and analyze better. Air-conditioned classrooms very spacious airy ambience with comfortable seating arrangements. All classrooms have the necessary accessories and each classroom has a ‘Lecturn’ which provides students to get a feel of Corporate touch while addressing a subject or talk in class.


Library is having good collection of books generally required for management and hospitality professionals. Most of the academic books will be provided by the college to the students however only reference books will be available in the library.

A very well stocked library which comprises of all Management Books and pertaining to the syllabus and additional information books. As English is the core of any Management acceptance in the corporate World lot of books on English are provided. Newspapers also are well stocked from general dailies to Business News of the best Newspapers available.


Our college provides an advanced Wi-Fi Campus to the students to facilitate The project work , data collection during the Exams, Preparation of Notes PPT& Presentations

Computer Lab:

The Computer Lab is well equipped with the latest systems in which advanced software is loaded. Students can make use of the opportunity to update themselves with the current trend in the industry. The students are divided in batches and are allotted individual time to work on the computer. Extra computer times as required are also offered.

The College ‘Computer Lab’ is a heaven for the students as they spend a lot of their free time here. Moreover, it is a Lab, which houses many Computers that each student has an access to individual computer. Presentations, browsing, chatting, learning all form a big part as Students life take place here.

Faculty Bay:

The Faculty are provided a complete space to themselves to ‘breathe a breather’ between their busy schedules. Here to each Faculty is provided with their Computers so that each is independently doing their work without having to be dependent on others. Meetings to happen here; the much needed privacy is provided to the Faculty.

Basic Kitchen:(BTK)

the freshers are given an in-depth theoretical and practical knowledge. In the basic training kitchen, the first year students learn the basic culinary art and gear up for further challenges, which they have to face in this field. Continental Cuisines are practiced by the students and thus they get to learn international cooking traits and art.

Hotel Management Students learning and molding a great many CHEF happen in the kitchen also known as Food processing labs. These Kitchens have huge burners, ovens and refrigerators with complete Kitchen setup to give the students of feel of Kitchens of Hotels where tomorrow they future will take them. The food prepared here is given to the students who prepare it and dished out to Staff for tasting.

Seminar Hall:

The most loved spot of Students as here they have loads of fun in any occasion it is a huge hall, which can easily house hundred students. Guest Lectures, Friday Seminars, Director addressing students, Assembly, Events, Functions all are celebrated here in grandeur, style and opulence. A huge podium, mikes, conference table, projector, music system all are well furnished to meet the requirements of a ‘corporate Event’ or a ‘Social Celebration’.

Wash Rooms:

They are separate wash rooms for boys and girls and each floor has more than one wash room individually so students are well taken care of. Drinking Water is provided in Huge Water Jars for students at various spots.

Dining Area:

A beautifully furnished with a touch of ethnic and modern has gone in to give the dining area a warmth and ambience of a hotel. This area is used as training area for students of Hotel Management in ‘Service and Beverage’ with the help of a well stocked bar to just teach the students the know- how of different Liqueur available and knowledge necessary for this Industry. The staff also uses the dining for having their lunch. Well-trained ‘man-servants’ (ayahs and watchmen) are there to help keep the place clean and beautiful at all times and assist the staff and students.

A home is a place we love to go and SUN has taken care to give warmth to the Management Structure that students spend a lot of time in College campus and generally love the idea of being part of ‘SUN FAMILY’.


SUN ensures that its Faculty is always updated to the latest techniques of teaching and furnishes with knowledge of Industry and current trends. For this ‘Faculty development Program’ was hosted by SUN all reputed Institute heads and Faculty attended this meet. There lot of flow of ideas thoughts and lot of learning. SUN faculty attends such programs at regular intervals. As with changing trends in Corporate World Students have to be aware at all times and the Faculty can do this only.


Special days be it of Director, Staff or Student is celebrated with a zest all join together special cake is ordered and it is generally mandatory for all staff to be present be it whichever class student birthday it is. This keep the feeling of ‘missing family’ a bit less especially for hostel students and that they are not alone on this special day.


Internships do not end with just working and gaining experience or earning stipend. The students have training diaries, which they are supposed to fill in daily at their work place accounting the duties nature of work and take the signature of their project heads. Once back, they are given Project titles according to their Job Profile, which they have to do research and include their job experiences with a Questionnaire. After which ‘Corporate or External Faculty’ reviews these books and the student is grilled on the given topic. This is to understand how much the student has learnt and keep the student be true to the job undertaken by him.


Students who come from out station are provided hostel facilities at a very nominal cost. They are different hostel for girls and boys. The Hostel warden is responsible for the student’s safety health food and hygiene. They are mentors who are coordinating with the Warden about the well-being of each student. Late nights and getting into fights is dealt severely by the College students are expelled or strict action is taken against them.


The quantity training kitchen prepares and moulds the students to face the challenges of cooking for large groups and catering to a wide variety of people representing different culinary zones of the country. As the college is attached to a hotel, students are undergoing their bulk preparation in the hotel kitchen itself on a rotation basis.


The advanced training kitchen is where the Budding professionals are finely polished to prove their mettle in the industry. Here students are given training in planning and preparation of Indian, Oriental and Western Cuisines.


Cooking with wine, flaming with brandy and rum are no more an incident but a regular happening here. Getting ready for various occasions from presidential gatherings to marriage and fast food service to spirits, champagne and cocktails are part of the daily routine to make the student perfect and smoothen out the rough edges to make them perfect professionals.


Housekeeping is the backbone of the hotel industry. The range of skills required of a housekeeper is so extensive that it can be mastered only after years of on-the-job training. So, the students are subjected to practical training in the Institute “Mock-up Room”(Model Guest Room). It is a major department which accounts for the revenue of the Hotel. This department makes the guest feel “A home away from home”.


This lab is basically to improve the communication skill of each student. Special care has been taken of the weak students to improve their writing skill, reading skill, spoken English and business English.


As the College is attached to a Hotel of 20 guest rooms and a multicuisine restaurant, students are getting in house training on a Rota basis to have real time exposure well before they go for industrial training.