Executive Director’s Message

/Executive Director’s Message

Executive Director

Mrs. Asha Jasti has done her Masters in Human Resource Management and Finance from Andhra University, which is well renowned in the country. From the inception of SUN in 2004, as the Director, Mrs. Asha Jasti has contributed to the evolution of SUN from an ambitious start to a leading organization.

In short she was given the responsibility of managing the various departments within SUN to ensure management synchronization. Among her other responsibilities, she also determines the staffing requirements and resource allocation across SUN. She has helped to facilitate SUN’s dramatic expansion and played a pivotal role in making it one of the leading Educational houses. She has a great insight and direction to develop relationship with parents, students and staff. She is an instrument in the development and growth of the institution.

At SUN, Mrs. Asha is handling some existing key accounts and is responsible for taking these relationships to the next level. In addition to this, Mrs. Asha contributed to the strategic planning and business development. She transformed SUN from a small institution to a well known institution by embracing new and emerging technologies at early stages and honing the existing technical expertise.